Black Jack

Black Jack Also known as 21

Once called twenty-one, black jack is the most famous and most played casino game globally. It is a card game that involves a dealer and a player comparing cards. The player is the one who plays against the dealer and not against another player. Black jack is played using a deck of cards or more; each deck has 52 cards.

  • The game’s object is to have 21 points or reach a higher score than the black jack dealer without having more than the 21 score. As a player, you will initially be dealt with a 2-card hand plus their cards total.
  • The History of Black Jack

    1. the game’s object is to attain 21 points without exceeding it.

    Black jack started off as twenty-one. The first ever written reference of twenty-one was by Miguel de Cervantes who, other than being a Spanish author having written Don Quixote, was also a gambler. In his book titled Rinconete y Cortadillo, the main characters were cheats who worked in Seville. These cheats were experts at cheating in ventiuna (twenty-one), and that is where it states that the game’s object is to attain 21 points without exceeding it and aces value of one or eleven.

    Pay out on Black Jack 21

      When twenty-one got introduced in America, a player’s interest was stimulated by the bonus payouts offered by gambling houses. An example of the bonus was the 10-1 payout if a player’s hand had the black jack (jack of spades or jack of clubs) and ace of spades. This hand got the name “black jack” and it stuck even though the 10-1 bonus got withdrawn. In modern games, black jack is used to refer to a hand consisting of the ace & a face or ten cards. The color or suit does not matter.