Black Jack

How to Play Black Jack

Black Jack Basics

The objective of this game is accumulating cards whose point totals are closest to 21 and not go over. The face cards (Kings, queens and jacks) are each worth ten points. The aces are worth one or eleven depending on what you find preferable. The rest of the cards get represented by the face value of their numbers.

    If there is a tie between the house and player, then that is considered a push; therefore, there is no winner. If the first 2 cards that have been dealt are a 10 and ace (blackjack), then that is a win for the player at 1.5-1 i.e. unless there is a tie. A player can also stand whenever they wish.
    Playing Black Jack

To win at black jack, you will have to beat your dealer and without busting. Busting occurs when the total of the cards you have exceed 21, and this is an automatic loss for the player. The winner will be the one who’s closest to the 21 point mark (you reach the 21 point by adding your cards’ values).
A table for black jack has about six players and 6 or 8 card decks are used. The dealer shuffles all cards together and afterwards places the cards in the shoe, which is a dispensing box for cards. As a player, you will have to place your wager prior to getting any cards then you will be dealt 2 cards face up.
The dealer will get a card with the face up and another with the face down. Each player is then expected to pick cards so that they can try reaching the 21 points or stay. All players who don’t bust wait for the turn of the dealer and once all players are done, the dealer will turn his/her card face up (i.e. the card that was face down).
The rule is that, the dealer is to stay on seventeen counts or higher and must draw on sixteen counts or lower. If the first 2 cards you had (a face/10 & Ace) had a 21 total, you automatically win. The winning is called a black Jack and this means that you will win 1 and a half times the bet you made unless the dealer also gets a black jack. If both of you have black jacks, it is said to be a Tie, a Push or a Stand-off, and you will get the bet you made back.
The other players who have a count higher than that of the dealer will win an amount equal to the bet they made. The ones with a lower count than the dealer lose the bets they made. Should the dealer bust, the remaining players automatically win. There are also other options for betting like:

  • Double Down
  • Insurance
  • Even Money
  • Surrender
  • Split